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Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loans

In addition to many fixed rate loan programs, Maico also offers many arm home loans, or adjustable rate mortgage loans that are designed for those who are looking for a low initial interest rates. These adjustable rate mortgage loans are perfect for the home buyer who is not looking to keep their home for the entire term of the loan.  Arm home loans allow the kind of flexibility not available with a standard fixed rate interest loan. An arm loan is will allow the buyer to defer much of the interest until later in the loan, and because of its flexibility, the arm loan is subject to changes in interest rates. That means that when the Fed changes interest rates to compensate for inflation & the economy, the rate of an adjustable rate mortgage loan may change. This is something you should consider before applying for any of our arm mortgage loans.

If changes to your adjustable rate mortgage loan are acceptable to you, then you should consider applying for on of the arm mortgage loans. Some people may shy away from these types of loans, but at Maico, we believe the option arm loan can provide will give you flexibility. The option arm loan allows for the buyer to dictate when they will pay for the interest of the loan which allows for a lower payment. Adjustable mortgage loans may be the key to you finding the home of your dreams. Let the professionals at Maico help you in the home buying process.

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